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When traveling anywhere, you should always try to travel in the utmost comfort. When traveling in Japan, specifically Tokyo, you have several options that can help make this possible. Tokyo is a must on anyone’s travel destinations. It includes many fine theaters, museums, and has a cuisine that is world renowned. Here is a list of some of the top luxury hotels in the area along with the starting prices that you may be able to pay for staying at these five-star hotels.

1. Imperial Hotel ($324)-The Imperial Hotel, originally designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, is a luxurious hotel situated in Tokyo. The original building no longer remains, but there was one built on the site where the old one was demolished due to structural damage that occurred over time. While there, you will experience personalized treatment, take part in award winning cuisine, and experience the amazing Japanese hospitality that the hotel has been known for for over 115 years. It is located at 1-1, Uchisaiwai-cho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8558.

2. The Westin Tokyo ($481)- The Westin Tokyo, is located in the heart of Tokyo and is one of the most relaxing, yet sophisticated hotels in the world. You will experience prompt service as you enter the hotel and anything you need, whether it be for your suite or something from the fine international and traditional Japanese dining area, is only the push of a call button away. The delightful and romantic spa in the hotel, offers a mixed European and Japanese experience. The hotel is located at 1-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku Tokyo, Japan 153-8580.

3. Park Hyatt Tokyo ($469)- The Park Hyatt is the perfect place for a calm and relaxing vacation. It offer spectacular views of the city and from the top 14 floors of the 52-story building, you can even see Mount Fuji. It is located very close the the very popular business and entertainment center of Tokyo, Shinjuku. The entire hotel is very elegant and filled with space to help you have a relaxing stay while in Tokyo. It is located at 3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo 163-1055 Japan.

4. Hyatt Regency Tokyo ($261)- The Hyatt Regency Hotel, formerly called the Century Hyatt Hotel, is also located in the business and entertainment part of Tokyo in the center of the city. It is conveniently located very close the the main subway station, so any traveling you do around Tokyo will be very easy. It is also quite near the Hokone, which is a popular mountain Spring that many tourists love to visit. This hotel has five restaurants that serve a variety of excellent cuisine including Japanese, Chinese, European, and American comfort foods that will help satisfy any kid of food craving that you have while staying here. It is located at 2-7-2 Nishi Shinjuku Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan.

5. Hotel Nikko Tokyo ($218)- The Hotel Nikko combines the experience of a waterfront location with a natural open air ambiance that is conveniently located near the city’s center. It has amazing views and calls itself the “balcony of Tokyo” because you can look at the amazing view of the city from a new and unique perspective. Since its renovation in March 2009, it has been changing the definition of the luxury hotel experience in Tokyo. This hotel offers only the best in its facilities and in its friendly and reliable staff. Their warm hospitality will guarantee that your stay there is a comfortable and memorable (in a good way) one. It is located at 1-9-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-8625, Japan.

6. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo ($569)- The Mandarin Oriental is located literally in the center of Tokyo and your experience there will be unforgettable because of the amazing view point that is located there. When you arrive you be taken up the 38 floors of the building to a spot where you can look around at a panoramic view of the entire city. No matter where you stay in the hotel, you will have an amazing view. This contemporary hotel is located at 2-1-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi Chuo-kuTokyo, Japan.

7. Hotel Okura Tokyo ($350)-
The Hotel Okura is a part of a hotel chain that opened in 1962. It contains maybe different suuites and room plans that will fit any of your travel necessities. It has a large assortment of restaurants and bars that serve various types of exquisite cuisine including food that ranges from exquisite Cantonese, French, Japanese and the finest Continental foods. You are certain to find the meal you are looking for when dining in this hotel and will leave very satisfied with the service as well. The Hotel Okura is located at 2-10-4 Toranomon Minato Ku Tokyo, Japan.

8. Four Seasons Chinzan-SO($481)-
The Four Seasons Chinzan-SO is located very close to Tokyo’s business and financial center, but has its own 17-acre Japanese style garden as well. You get the convenience of being near the city with relaxing garden and outdoors as well. This hotel is designed to have the luxurious décor of Europe with the unique Japanese art featured as well. It combines traditional style with modern technologies and comforts. It is located at 10-8, Sekiguchi 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 112-8667.

9. Hotel New Otani Tokyo ($174)- The Hotel New Otani in Tokyo has a variety of suites that come in four main styles based on the size and the amount of pampering you desire. It is a perfect location to hold a conference no matter what size because it has several rooms of these type as well, ranging from small meeting rooms to grand ballrooms. It has an assortment of food styles to choose from that will help you satisfy any craving you have there. You can enjoy your meals at one of the Western, Chinese, or Japanese restaurants if you desire or you can eat at the cafe, or just enjoy a nice drink at the bar if you wish. This hotel is located at 4-1 Kioi Chiyoda Tokyo, Japan.

10. Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka ($162)- The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka is located in the central area of government, culture and business of Japan. It is described as a corner of Japan because of its shape which provides an amazing panoramic view of the city. It includes very comfortable suites designed for your utmost relaxation and several meeting and conference rooms that will satisfy any of you business needs. It is located at 1-2 Kioi-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8585 Japan.

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  1. The Park Hyatt is one of my top choices in Tokyo. Great location and excellent service. My guests rave about it.

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