A view of the famous Tororo Rock in Tororo, Uganda.
Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

At the heart of Tororo are railway lines that meet from various cites of Uganda. These railway lines pass through other cities of Uganda towards Pakwach, Nairobi, and Kasese. Perhaps the most notable claim to fame of this quaint Ugandan town is the Tororo Rock. The Tororo Rock juts up almost 5,000 feet over sea level. It is located a little over three miles southeast of Tororo’s central business district and seems to tower over the entire town from anywhere in the Tororo District. On the way to the top of the Tororo Rock are various ancestral caves and rock paintings. The magnificence of the Tororo Rock could be equated with that of Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

Also known for being one of the world’s most thunderous places, Tororo boasts of a rich agricultural scene. Food crops and cash crops abound in the area. Tororo is known for producing cotton, onions, cassava, potatoes, beans, and sunflowers among others. Aside from agricultural crops, mineral deposits are also found to be abundant in Tororo. In fact, a recent report by the United Nations cited Tororo as one of the places all over the world with the highest deposits of phosphorus. Tororo is also home to one of the five public universities in Uganda, the Busitem University. In the central business district, tourists can find remnants of plantation homes of the Victorian and Edwardian tea boom in Tororo. These establishments have been restored and transformed by merchants into inns, lodging facilities, and restaurants. A trip to other Ugandan cities can be arranged from the heart of Tororo.

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  1. Tororo rock is really unique tourism feature

  2. Glyn says:

    You can have a super view of the Rock from Hotel Meritoria in the centre of town

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