Troy 400
Replica of the Trojan Horse in Troy
Photo by: Alaskan Dude, Creative Commons

A short lesson in history and a review of Greek mythology, you will find that Troy plays an important role in shaping history. Even before a movie was made, Troy already has been popular among travelers. Today, the Ruins of Troy houses imposing structures that would take your breathe away.

Going back in history, the Troy Ruins will allow one to think about the Trojan War that went on for years. Hailing Helen as “the face that launched a thousand ships”, the war sparked a number of significant events that shaped the course of history.

Today, the city that has existed for over 4,000 years displays the skills developed during the ancient times. Charles McLaren first discovered the Troy Ruins in 1822, and later on, Heinrich Schliemann spearheaded the excavation between 1870 and 1890. An excavation in 1988 supported the claim that a battle ensued in the city, as archeologists found evidence of such a battle, among them arrowheads in the site.

A visit to the Troy Ruins will bring you face to face with a replica of the Trojan horse, which was a supposed gift from the Greeks; the token led to one great battle. This is a favorite spot among visitors, as the horse provides a perfect backdrop for a photo opportunity.

The archeological site of the Troy Ruins welcomes visitors coming from Istanbul by bus, or from Canakkale, by ferry. Officially called Troia by the Turkish government, the site now features several shops and a museum. The recent years saw the greater concern to protect the site, as looting and destruction of important structures transpired in the earlier years.

Guided tours to the site are available, and availing of such would enrich one’s visit to the site. More than visiting a place that holds great importance in history, a visitor would bask in the good feeling that he or she has learned something new.

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