Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay
Photo by: imagesbyferg, Creative Commons

The US Virgin Islands lies two hours from Miami, making it a place to experience the Caribbean without having to take a long flight and spending a lot of money. The US Virgin Islands are composed of three islands—St. Crois, St. Tjomas, and St. John. Each island has a distinct character. For example, St. Croix is a quiet, laidback place, while St. Thomas is full of activity. St. John, on the other hand, promises a memorable eco-trip experience.

Trunk Bay, located on the shores of St. John and part of the National Park, is just one of the US Virgin Islands’ world-class beaches. In fact, Trunk Bay is considered among the most-photographed shorelines n the world. It has a strip of sand that juts out of the coast, giving it a heart-shaped edge. It is named after the Leatherback turtle, which is locally referred to as Trunkschildpatt. To get to Trunk Bay, you will have to pay an entrance fee. But the experience that lies ahead is priceless, as they usually say.

What to do in Trunk Bay? The sea features a snorkel trail that even kids can explore. Aside from the schools of colorful fish that are waiting to be discovered underneath, the trail also gives snorkeling an educational twist. You will find signs underneath, giving you information about the fish. After snorkeling, you can relax underneath the rustling leaves of the palm trees while eating a delicious snack.

Concerned about safety? There is no reason to be, because lifeguards man the bay 24/7. A snorkel rental shop, a gift shop, phone lines and picnic huts are also set up for visitors’ convenience.

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  1. Gidge says:

    this is so beautiful..been there..the water is so soothing…

  2. inojah says:

    weew…paradise indeed….

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