Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West 400
Tsavo West
Photo by: smudger888, Creative Commons

There is a place in Kenya where nature and wildlife can be explored like you’ve never explored one before. It’s in the Tsavo West National Park, the land with magnificent scenery and varied wildlife.

Despite being smaller than that of Tsavo East, Tsavo West is frequented by more visitors each year. It is perhaps because of its breathtaking views that have become a haven for wild animals. This 9,000 kilometer game park is also famous for the Mzima Springs, what with its unique underwater hippo observatory. And there are instances where it is better to explore the park on foot, like going to the Chaimu volcanic crater and Shaitana lava flows.

A rhino sanctuary and an elephant habitat, Tsavo West National Park is operated by the Kenya Wildlife Service, which employs more than 300 personnel to maintain the park as well as serve the tourists. Despite having a lot of personnel, Kenya Wildlife Service allows the vast ecosystem to take its natural course and is only there to protect them from outside threats.

Lions, said to be descendants of the man-eating lions that attacked British engineers who built the railway, are often seen in the park. But the most common creatures here are elephants, rhino, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, giraffe and zebras.

Because of its mountainous terrain, some believe that it has the potential to be a rock climbing site. The Mountain Club of Kenya (MCK) was the first to explore the cliffs inside the park in 1978. Several ascent routes were mapped out. Mountain climbing enthusiasts who wish to conquer the mountains should initially contact MCK.

The not-so-tough adventure seeker can just sit back and relax in the park’s array of accommodations which include the Finch Hattons Camp, one of Kenya’s luxury tented camps. This camp is built near hippo pools so sight seeing at the comfort of the camp is a common activity for guests.

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