In the heart Turkmenbashi
Photo by: Oleg1975, Creative Commons

Turkmenistan is considered as a dry and arid region in Central Asia, mostly attributed to the deserts there. It is one of the new cities in the country of Turkmenbashi, named after the nickname of the country’s former President Saparmurat Niyazov. It literally means “Father of Head of Turkmen.”

Although this city is a hard place to get to, the train ride is one of the exciting travels this place has to offer. It is part of the Trans Caspian Rail system that can get you as far as Russia or as near as Ashgabat. The thrill of finding new places is part of the appeal of this city. The Caspian ferry also makes other areas more accessible and makes travelling easier.

There are a few beaches along the coast of the Caspian Sea that is very relaxing and appealing to the busy person wanting to get away from city life. There are also reasonable good restaurants and cafés in this city. Some people also enjoy climbing the nearby mountain ranges on colder days. Although these cold days are not available often because of the hot desert and the climate here reaches temperatures as high as 47°C.

The weather in the city of Turkmenbashi, although mostly hot and dry, is suitable for simply walking around the culture-rich city. Most shops offer items that showcase this cultural heritage, mostly artifacts like carpets that are highly designed and embellished are available everywhere. It is always handy to have Turkmenistan Manat with you to buy these souvenirs.

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