Umayyad Mosque in Damascus

Umayyad Mosque
Courtyard of Umayyad Mosque in Syria
Photo from: BillBl, Creative Commons

The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria, is one of the oldest and largest mosques in the world. Sometimes referred to as the Grand Mosque of Damascus, it is known for its intricate architectural beauty with elegant color combinations that are accentuated by the lighting.

One of the features of the Umayyad Mosque is the tomb of Saladin, which stands in a garden that is adjacent to the wall of the mosque. This is the final resting place of Kurdish Ayyubid Sultan Saladin. The mosque also holds a memorial that may contain the head of John the Baptist, who is honored as a great prophet and preacher by both Christians and Muslims.

Damascus is one of the oldest colonized cities in the world and the mosques that are located on the land in that city are considered especially sacred. On the same ground where the Umayyad Mosque stands today was once a temple that was dedicated to Hadad, an idol from the Aramaean era around 1000 BC. While the Romans ruled the city, they built a temple on the site and dedicated it to the god Jupiter. Around the 4th century, the site became a Christian church.

The Muslims took over Damascus in 636 and purchased the church from the Christians before demolishing it and building the mosque that stands there today. The Christians and Muslim pilgrims now share the building for their religious practices and rituals.

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  1. alaa says:

    Great Place I’ve a lot of memories in the old city

  2. George says:

    I would like to say that the Lord Jesus Christ has already come to this world of sin and has told all mankind that he is the way , the truth , and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.John 14:6. He also said , I and my Father are one and also except ye believe on me ye shall die in your sins.So The Lord Jesus will never speak of anyone elce being the Messiah except himself.And that he is much more than a prophet but that Prophet that Moses said to believe on and whoever would not believe on him would be destroyed from amoung the people. And we are also told of Jesus by John the Baptist , Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. And by Paul on Mars Hill to turn from these vanities to the true and living God who he preached there , the Lord Jesus Christ. And Paul also said , Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved , and thy house. Acts 16:31. These truths are contained in the very word of God without any errors , the preserved Holy Bible as contained in the Authorized King James Holy Bible. And the book of John and Romans should be read for more truth on this message from Jesus Christ the only one without sin who died for us on the cross and shed his sinless blood for our sins as the full atonement for them 2000 years ago for all mankind. And was buried , and rose from the dead the third day. Was seen of men , and went back up to heaven. And as Jesus says , repent and believe the gospel to be saved and go to heaven who will one day all who are saved by grace through faith in him will rule and reign with him as his children with no other god involved. But as many as received him to them gave he the power to become the sons of God ; even to them that believe on his name.For there is none other name under heaven given amoung men,whereby we must be saved. Sincerely ;

  3. Tammy says:

    um…right. so? what’s that got to do with anything?? (and the KJV is NOT without errors…if you knew your history instead of spouting what you hear in church you’d know that)

  4. christian says:

    The bible also speaks of another prophet after Jesus

  5. Ali says:

    I have a lot of memories in the old damascus city , i live in 9 years , inshallah very soon i will be back in old damascus.

  6. omar says:

    I have a lot of memories in the old damascus city , i live in 9 years , inshallah very soon i will be back in old damascus.

  7. amir hussain says:

    I wish all should understand the history of this MASJID and why it is in the world and this is only true

  8. amir hussain says:

    that’s all

  9. shaikh Naved says:

    This may be the same white minaret of which prophet saw said ,there will he. Mosque with white minaret on which imam mahdi will perform salah along with the people who all give bayah to him in counting of total 1200 in which 800 would be man and 400 would be a women and time will be salatul fair and while the ekama is given ESA peace be upon him will come from the sky resting on the shoulder of 2 angels, and perform salah behind all mehdi,and the he will kill dajjal. And prophet saw said it will be in assham.

  10. shaikh Naved says:

    Its a long story every Muslim should learn in detail.

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