Castle Garden in Uppsala
Photo by: uitdragerij, Creative Commons

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. Relatively quieter than cities such us Stockholm and Gothenburg, Uppsala charms tourists with its simplicity. It is the very center of religion in Sweden as this is where the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden holds seat. Uppsala’s landmarks take you back in time and let you appreciate the rich history of this humble town.

Uppsala is a forty minute train ride from Stockholm. The western part of this city is the historic part containing almost all of its national landmarks. The eastern part of Uppsala is the administrative and commercial areas of the town. The west and the east are divided by the Fyris River.

The Uppsala Domkyrka is the largest church in Sweden. The church is s big that you can see it from most anywhere in the city of Uppsala. Right beside the Church is Uppsula University which is the oldest university in all of the Nordic countries. It dates back to 1477—older than the oldest university in Asia.

The Uppsala University Library is the largest library in Sweden. Its collection is a staggering five million volumes and sixty thousand manuscripts. Visit Gama Uppsala for a trip to the town’s pre-Christian past.

Just like in other parts of Sweden, Uppsala is filled with parks. Numerous outdoor activities are also available for you and your family and/or friends. A popular activity in Uppsala is canoeing. Explore the Fyrisan River via canoe. The Fyrisan River is also a popular place to fish.

If you are bringing children to your trip to Sweden then you should definitely pass by Uppsala. There are many museums catering to every child’s inquisitive minds. Visit Biotopia, the biological museum of Uppsala and Gamla Uppsala Museum for knowledge and visit Fyrishov Water Park and Nicki’s Adventure Play for fun!

Uppsala’s quiet charm attracts tourists from all around the world. Your visit to Sweden is never complete without a visit to Uppsala.

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  1. Ronnie Hsu says:

    You are correct! After having loads of big city excitement in Stockholm, run straightaway to Uppsala for some unforgettable experiences and a little relaxation!!

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