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Photo by: Esparta, Creative Commons

Mexico is the home to some of the most distinguished civilizations of the past – the Aztec and the Mayan. A lot of people want to visit places that allow them to relive the splendor of these cultures. One such place is Uxmal, a city belonging to the Mayan civilization in the Mexican state of Yucatan. This exotic sounding name is pronounced as “Oosh-mahl,” which is believed to be part of the old Mayan language which means “built three times.” These places in Uxmal are well preserved. In fact, it is one Mayan city where a visitor can get an idea of how the entire ceremonial center looked like in days past.

When in Uxmal, be sure to visit these places:
• The Governor’s Palace. This building is perched on a large platform and is a short but wide structure. It is considered to be Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica’s longest building.

• A former government palace in the Mayan era nicknamed by the Spanish as The Nunnery Quadrangle. This is the finest of Uxmal’s numerous quadrangles of long buildings. It has façades that contain elaborately carvings both inside and outside.

• The Adivino, which is also known as the Pyramid of the Dwarf or the Pyramid of the Magician. This pyramid structure is steeped with oval or elliptically shaped layers on its outside layers.

• There are a number of other monuments, temples, and other temples, with very animated names such as the House of the Doves, House of the Birds, House of the Turtles, South Temple, and Grand Pyramid.

• Check out the ancient pedestrian causeway linking Uxmal to the other ancient site of Kabah. Let ancient wisdom fascinate you!

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