Valley of the Queens

Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela
Photo by: Mohd Tarmizi, Creative Commons

The valley of queens is a special place in the Egypt where the wives of the Egypt rulers were buried during the ancient times. The Valleys of Queens in Arabic is called the Wadi el melikat. The older name of this place was Ta-set- Neferu which meant the place of the children of the Egypt ruler in English. During the 18th, 19th and the 20th century many young princess and prince were also buried in this place. The Egyptian rulers however were buried in the valley of Kings. Every notable family member was buried in his or her respective tombs that further were maintained by the mortuary priests. These priests would every day prayer and perform rituals for the deceased identity. The valley of Queens is very close to the Valley of the Kings.

This land was especially chosen for this purpose as it is very barren, isolated and away from the main town. The 18th dynasty kings did not choose to be buried in pyramids, however wanted to be placed in rock cut tombs. The valley together holds more than 70 tombs and many of them look stylish and decorative.

The valley of queens as well as the valley of kings is a must to visit place if you are in the town of Luxor. Every single tomb speaks a story of its own, engulfing many mysteries’ in it. The entire air about the place is different. A lot of visitors have said once you visit the valley, it seems you have formed connection with the other world.

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