Venice City Guide

Venice City, Italy
Photo by: lpiepiora, Creative Commons

Venice is one of the most charming cities in the world. Built near a lagoon about 600-years ago, the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the globe. The city has an incredible pull, which both the young and the old are unable to resist. Its canals and secret alleys only enhance the mystique of Venice.

Your first stop in the city has to be at the ‘drawing room of Europe’. Known as St. Mark’s Square, this city square was literally the center point of Venice. This is where some of Venice’s best-known landmarks are situated. These include The Basilica San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, the Correr Museum, the bell and the clock towers. Once at the St. Mark’s Square, you will be able to visit all these places of interest. However, an advance booking for visiting the Basilica would help.

After you have toured the St. Mark’s Square, you must do what every visitor thinks of doing here after setting foot in Venice – ride in a gondola. Hire a gondola and see the beauty of Venice from a different aspect. While most of the gondolas available for hire at St. Mark’s Square are packed to the capacity, renting one from a more secluded area such as San Toma will be best. If you want the complete experience, then you can hire singers to perform onboard. This might cost you a bit extra.

In order to get a feel for Italian markets, visit the Rialto Market in Venice. To get there, you will have to cross a 16th century bridge. Rialto Market is an open-air market and sells the local produce of meat, cheese, and fish. Be sure not to touch the displayed goods, or you will upset the shopkeeper. From here, you can hire a traghetto or a gondola ferry to give you a tour of the Grand Canal. Also near the Grand Canal, is the Ca’Rezzonico. A grand museum that contain works of art belonging mainly to the 18th century. But not just that, you will also get an idea of the home life of Venetian nobilities.

Now, you can cross over to the island of Murano to see a glassblowing demonstration. On the island, you can visit various museums that will tell you the story of the world-renowned Murano glass. This will be a great place to buy souvenirs from. Back in Venice, you can purchase a Chorus Pass. This pass gives you entry into 16 Venetian churches. But do not be in a rush to see them all. The Chorus Pass is valid for one year.

As your tour of Venice draws to a close, there’s something that will leave Venice’s indelible mark on you. Climb atop the Bell Tower of St. Mark’s. Built in the year 1912, this tower is the exact replica of the tower that was destroyed in the year 1902. It offers the best panoramic view of Venice.

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  1. Yes, Venice is amazing and certainly a famous wonder!! I’m still visiting Venice Italy often and you described it very well. My favorite thing to do in Venice is escaping the tourism crowd. Getting lost in the unknown alleys or taking a tour to the other islands in the lagoon. Read about my escape from the Venice tourism. gr. Rudmer

  2. Zeenat Farooq says:

    I absolutely adore Venice I would love to go there one day with someone that I love. The sights the food the masquerades, everything about Venice catches my attention.

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