Vieques Island

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
Photo by: donohermark , Creative Commons

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico is a municipality in island form of Puerto Rico. The island still has the strong influences of the Spanish even though Puerto Rico has been a territory of United States. Vieques has two major towns which are the Ezperanza and Isabel Segunda. Vieques is known as a testing and bombing range ground by the Navy. This resulted to a series of protests by locals and later succeeded when the Navy fled away in 2003.

For many years, Vieques Island, Puerto Rico was closed for the Navy’s use. The island has very few economic sources and completely not developed for tourism. This negative side of the island has become their main key in promoting tourism. Because the island has merely not been used, the place was known as a sleepy, deserted and unspoiled island that made tourists want to come and experience the virgin and fresh ambiance of the place.

The Vieques Island, Puerto Rico has two perfect bioluminescent bays and feral horses running wild on the island. Bioluminescent Bay is also called Bio Bay is considered the brightest and largest in the world. Aside from the beaches, you can also experience their beautiful attractions such as museums, City Hall, the ceiba tree which is 300 years old, ports, sugarcane plantation and underground bunkers of the US Navy. They also showcase colorful activities and festivals. The Epiphany Festival is held every January, the Passion Play held every Holy Week, Cultural Festivals every March or April, every June you will capture the Traditional Festivities of the town and the Christmas Festival every December.

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