Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda 400
Virgin Gorda
Photo by: superde1uxe, Creative Commons

Measuring just eight and a half miles long, Virgin Gorda is the 3rd largest island in the British Virgin Islands and the 2nd most populated. Its location is roughly eighteen degrees, forty-eight minutes north, and sixty-four degrees, thirty minutes west. Its area covers about eight square miles or twenty-one square kilometres. It is believed that Christopher Columbus gave the name “The Fat Virgin” to the island for the reason that its outline on the horizon seems like a fat lady reclined on her side.

Virgin Gorda’s main town is the Spanish Town, which is located on the southwest area of the island. The island is surrounded by a lot of deserted beaches and by mid-morning, the sun worshippers will populate either, Handsome Bay, Big Trunk Bay, or Savannah Bay. Virgin Gorda’s pace of life is rather slow. However, if you prefer not to spend your whole day on the beach, there are many other things to do. You can travel around The Baths, where massive rocks look as if they have been arranged by a good-natured giant in order to create a multitude of boulder pools, furtive beaches, and trail ways. This unique geologic arrangement found on the southern tip of the island is what makes the Virgin Gorda one of the British Virgin Islands’ main tourist attractions. You can have a stopover at the Copper Mine placing guard alongside the blue Atlantic. Or simply spend your morning at a restaurant on a hillside cooled by mild breezes while you look at the ferries crossing the North Sound way below.

Spectacular slopes sink from the Gorda Peak into the turquoise streams way below. Not a lot of islands can provide the variety of elite resorts. There are even some resorts that are only reachable by boat.

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