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You may see Warsaw as a city beset in past wars, with its people butchered and brutalized by the Nazis, almost blowing the city into smithereens. All of this tragedy happened before 1944. After Warsaw’s uprising however, a new spirit gave life to its people and they began to rebuild their ruined city. Despite the many reminders of the war that still exist, much development continues to take place in Warsaw.

Today, Warsaw proves to be one of Poland’s fastest developing cities. Its democracy is rapidly developing and the free market is emerging, allowing for unique and numerous opportunities for its people. The city is turning out to be one huge construction site where you can see the investment boom everywhere you look.

Warsaw’s population is about 2 million people. It is the location of Poland’s largest university and home to tens of thousands of businesspeople and professionals recognized the world over. It also caters to many foreign professionals who loved the city’s working conditions as well as the people in Warsaw.

Today, you can visit the city and enjoy the designer hotels and sushi bars, the lounge bars as well as the brothels, the clubs, restaurants, hotels and many other spots that will bring you both tradition as well as modernity in this city teeming with a rich historic past. You can visit the countless buildings that still have its reminders of what have transpired when it was still in war. You can then immediately change the mood by drowning yourself with the modern metropolis that offers many enjoyable and modern attractions for tourists. You will surely enjoy the internationally renowned concerts and cultural events held regularly in theaters and cinemas.

If you visit the city, the best place to start with is the Old Town, where the city’s historic center has been rebuilt. You will also find various churches such as St. John’s Cathedral which contains various tombs of eminent citizens, knights and regents, as well as many of Wit Stwosz’ gothic artworks. You will also love the Royal Castle, the King’s chambers and apartments, St. Anne’s Church and of course, the New Town. You should not miss the Warsaw Uprising Museum which is Poland’s best museum. There are many other locations that will surely take your breath away and bring you back many years in the past when the city was still struggling with the war.

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  1. John R Joseph says:

    I was just in Warsaw for the first time since 1983. INCREDIBLE!!!! The city is ultra-modern and spotless. There are skyscrapers everywhere, and construction sites galore. I was amazed by the transformation. Don’t forget to visit Zlote Tarasy (the mall) when you are there.

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