Mfoundi market, Yaounde, Cameroon
Photo by: Wiki Commons, Creative Commons

Though a not so popular tourist attraction, many travelers say that the city of Yaounde in Cameroon is an undiscovered jewel of Africa. With the various treats it has to offer, people call this place the miniature Africa. Located in seven hills, the city offers you coastlines, mountains, savannas, rain-forests, and deserts.

However, the center of tourist attractions in Yaounde is not focused on the natural destinations of the city. Instead, the museums, palaces, and other landmarks found there entertain the visitors. This is mainly because discovering these landmarks help visitors get a good view of the diverse African culture.

One great attraction in the city is the Afhemi Museum. This place is a house to various artifacts that have impacted the culture and history of the country. This includes ritual masks, royal beds, fabrics, and the like. One of the oldest artifacts in this museum is 900 years old already. You can see the traditional Kini-Yen Design Clothing for sale in this museum.

Also, there is the museum in the Benedictine Monastery that has been there since 1967. Plain as a museum now, the chapel displays traditional crafts and textiles. Other attractions in the city include the National Museum of Yaounde, small zoos, and more.

So if you wish to understand the culture and history of Africa, a visit to the city of Francistown is a good idea. You can have a good view of their precious history while experiencing the natural wonders found in Africa.

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