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Zakho, Iraq is close to the border of Iraq and Turkey. Back in the day, Zakho was just a tiny island. When you mention Zakho, it is also remembered for its synagogues. There was a big Jewish neighborhood in the area too. However, in 1981, the Jews living in the town was attacked and all their synagogues where put on fire. The Jews fled the city and nowadays, about 600,000 individuals are living on this district. They still however practice some Jewish tradition together with their Muslim culture.

As a tourist, you can go to the Delal Bridge. The bridge is a popular tourist destination because of how beautiful and mysterious the building of it is. You can also go and visit the Zakho castle and the Qubad Pasha castle to learn more about the empires who ruled the country.

Not only is Zakho a good place to visit for tourists but it is also a great place for you to live in or even do business. There is a big market in the Kurdish neighborhood and also the center and northern portion of Iraq. The market place is a good place to sell and buy products and merchandise. It is a good place for trading too. The country is in trading terms mostly with Turkey. The most popular products in the area would be the oil, rice, lentils, sesame, different kinds of fruit and wax. Because of this, there are also many job opportunities in Zakho. A lot of people from Syria, Turkey and other parts of the country go to Zakho to try their luck in finding a job.

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    He how u doing I am from Bridgeport CT, USA i liv in Zakho,Iraq. I am lookng for a job job if u get this please justemail me thanks

    Kawa Ali

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