Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
Photo by: olliethebastard, Creative Commons

Ever heard of an underground church? If not, then you better check out Zipaquira Salt Cathedral in Colombia. This Roman Catholic Church is constructed within the burrow and warren of a salt mine just in the vicinity of Zipaquira town. It is commonly known as Salt Cathedral as one way of luring more tourists and visitors to go and check out the place. Catholic devotees hear mass every Sunday with the cathedral housing more or less 3,000 guests.

The place has great architectural details coupled with numbers of ancient religious symbolizations that make it much more special and sacred. To help you become familiar on what to expect and see in Salt Cathedral, the following details speak reveal:

1. The 3 symbolic representations of the birth, life, and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is found at the bottom part of Zipaquira Salt Cathedral and its awe-inspiring structure is known to be hand sculpted and shaped in a halite rock making it more majestic and regal.

2. The Cathedral is a representation of Colombian architecture. The Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is a vivid evident of Columbia’s uniqueness and ingenuity when it comes to fashioning and structuring world class symbolizations and representations. Known to be the Jewel of Modern Architecture, the Salt Cathedral is a depiction of old and modern Columbia in all aspects of living – historical, cultural, and spiritual.

3. A touch of the old cathedral. Tourists aren’t only interested with designs and architectural details; they are also into determining where these religious symbols originate. The most notable of all is the large cross built by miners to serve as their blessed symbolization in uttering their daily petitions. The large cross can still be seen in the temple today, with its shadow illuminating in the ceiling of the entire Zipaquira Salt Cathedral.

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    great architectural

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    my daughter is doing a project on colombia

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