Zambia is a landlocked Southern African country that is bordered by Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, a part of Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. It is roughly as big as France or the state of Texas.

Home to the Victoria Falls, which has been named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Zambia gives tourists the best safari experience by taking them into a real African adventure.
Aside from the safari escapades, tourists are also treated to a wide variety of festivals that natives of Zambia celebrate as part of their culture and traditions. This includes the Kazanga ceremony, which has been celebrated by the Nkoya people of Zambia for more than five centuries. This makes it the oldest known Zambian traditional ceremony. It consists of music and dance rituals among other ancient practices.

While the Kazanga is the oldest, the most popular festival celebrated in Zambia is the Kuomboka. This feast is held around Easter or between March and April. It celebrates the migration of the Lozi king from Lealui to Limulunga, his dry and wet season palaces, respectively. It is an elaborate celebration with colorful attires, music and a grand feast at the destination.

Although it is located in the tropics, Zambia enjoys different kinds of weather all year round. Zambians experience dry season from May to August, which is also the coolest time of the year. The hot seasons sets in from September to November when temperature can rise to 38-42 degrees Celsius. This scorching season is followed by the wet season from December to April when the climate is cooler and the rainfall is more abundant.

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