Quite possibly the most forgotten and least popular country in Asia is Laos. Considered one of the least wealthy countries in Asia, Laos is definitely the least visited country compared to its large neighbors, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Though so relatively unknown, Laos has many cultural qualities that should be recognized. The small country along with the small population includes 49 official ethnic groups. The ethnicities are divided into groups and then further divided into subgroups, the largest being Lao Loum.

Laos is home to several sightseeing locations. The Ban Nalan trail, Si Phan Don or “four thousand islands,” Vieng Xai and the Tham Nong Pafa Cave are some of the most visited. The most popular of Laos’ mysteries would have to be the Plain of Jars. Spread over several square miles in Central Laos is hundreds of gigantic jars of which no one knows from where they came or what use they have.

The native cuisine is nothing special. However, one could find several foreign influenced restaurants that serve great food. All in all, Laos is neither a prime visit area nor a considered pick when it comes to vacationing. The culture and country is too forgone for any real tourism. Laos is not a recommended country of travel.

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