Casino de Montréal

The Casino de Montréal was once part of the Expo ’67 world’s fair. At one time, it was the biggest casino in Canada and it opened in October, 1993. It is located on the Île Notre-Dame. The main building features over 3,000 slot machines and 120 gaming tables. Additionally, there are four bars and restaurants, as well as a cabaret.

The Société des casinos du Québec owns and manages the property. They also operate three other casinos. The Société is part of Loto-Québec which is a government corporation in Quebec and all profits belong to the provincial government. This casino complex does not allow alcoholic beverages in any of the playing areas.

History and Architecture

The Casino de Montréal has three interconnected buildings. The Québec Pavilion and the French Pavilion were constructed for Expo ’67. An annex was built later by the casino. The main casino building has six levels. Banquet and meeting facilities are also offered by the casino. The casino is very famous for its distinctive architectural features, which include its low ceilings and numerous windows.

French Pavilion

The modern-styled French Pavilion is a tall steel and concrete structure that is wrapped in aluminum fins. It was praised for its unique, airy feeling and was very noticeable at the fairgrounds. The interior showed exhibitions that outlined Canada’s advancement in science and technology. The terrace on the rooftop area displayed sculptures by Niki de Sainte-Phalle.

Quebec Pavilion

The Quebec Pavilion, is also part of the Casino de Montréal complex. It is not as unique as the French Pavilion, but it was very contemporary looking when it was first built. The exterior had glass walls that function as mirrors in the daytime and at night they are illuminated display cases. It had been surrounded by water and was only accessible using a footbridge. Its exhibitions centered on the progressive province of Québec that focused on the future.

Montreal Famous Landmarks

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