Saint-Louis Square

Saint-Louis Square is a 3.2 acre piazza on the rue Saint-Denis designated as a relaxation area. This square is renowned as a snapshot of the classic European neighborhood; something that is not very common in this part of the world. It may not be bursting at the seams with breathtaking panorama, but the setting creates the perfect ambience for family and relaxing experiences.

The History

The current location of the Saint-Louis Square was initially intended for a reservoir in 1848. In 1879, the square was converted into a beautiful public park and named for two prominent businessmen Jean-Baptiste Saint-Louis and Emmanuel. Since then, a lot of effort and skill has gone into forming a peaceful and pleasant locale.

Saint-Louis Square Today

The park stands in the midst of exquisite residences made with the authentic Victorian styling. The resulting timeless fascia has provided the ideal location for making memories for the young and the young-at-heart. Other than the Victorian gingerbread appearance, the houses that sprung up after commissioning the park are quite varied. Some structures mimic 17th century French castles.

At the center of the Saint-Louis Square there is an elegant Victorian fountain and a gazebo that serves as a snack bar. With numerous benches at different spots, all sun-seekers can relax and enjoy the day. It is not uncommon to see painters, filmmakers, musicians and literary masters looking to get inspired and rejuvenated. The park is mostly frequented by business people on their lunch breaks, parents taking strolls with their children and pet owners. Saint-Louis Square forms the perfect spot to stop and relax any time of day.

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