Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge 400
Charles Bridge, Czech Republic
Photo by: knottyboywayne , Creative Commons

If you love Gothic bridges, there is one place in the Czech Republic that has climbed up the charts in every tourist’s list – the Charles Bridge. This bridge connects Prague Old Town with the Malá Strana. Commissioned in July 9, 1357 by the Czech King and the Emperor Charles IV, the bridge started its construction at precisely 5:31 in the morning. It was even given some odd explanations to the sequence of numbers it had which was 1357 9 7 531. This is revelation has indeed attracted millions of tourists to the landmark since you could get to a certain part of the bridge where you will find a plaque on the 16th statue.

To tell you, there are 30 Baroque statues that were erected throughout the whole stretch of Charles Bridge. The 16th statue is flocked by tourists since it is believed that by rubbing on the plaque, you shall be given luck and assurance of your safe return to your homeland. Aside from that, you will be granted another safe entry back to Prague. So do bring along all your precious rolls of film when you visit the Charles Bridge or better yet, carry numerous memory cards for your camera to capture the places and people.

What makes it a worthwhile trip to the Czech Republic is that this national monument comes alive at sunset. Witness the amazing lights that brighten the sky when you fix your eyes on the Prague Castle. It’ll be safe for you to just wander around and not worry about cars or trams that used to come whizzing by, for the Charles Bridge was declared off limits to vehicles. Now, you will just be among the hoards of tourists who come alive for the romantic mood of the Czech Republic.

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