Kampa Island

Kampa Island at night
Photo by: Svein-Magne Tunli Creative Commons

Kampa Island is by far one of the most beautiful islands in Prague. Located in the city’s center, Kampa Island is very easily accessible by tourists and locals alike. Its vast land space and the Vltava River have been a source of historical beauty for centuries.


Being Prague’s largest island, Kampa Island is surrounded by the Vltava River and the Devil’s Stream. A hot tempered woman living in the 19th century Maltese Square was said to be the inspiration for the stream’s name. The island was home to only mills and gardens up until the late 16th century. These mills were used for hundreds of years and some are still preserved today.

Kampa Island is renowned for some of its beautiful homes. However, the middle ages saw the island as one large garden used primarily by women to wash and bleach sheets. Up until the 16th century, many people were hesitant about building on the island due to the constant flooding. During that time, mainly poor residents built their homes there. Yet, there are now homes from centuries ago still standing that date all the way back to the 17th century.

The mid 20th century saw the construction of Kampa Park. Built at the southern end of the island, lush palace gardens were strung together to form a park. In addition, the park offers visitors a relaxing place to stroll, picnic or enjoy beautiful views of old town.

Museum Kampa

Sova’s Mills is the home to the Museum Kampa. The riverside mill dates back to the 14th century and exhibits a vast array of Central European Modern Art. Renovation took place in 2001 to restore some of the old beauty to the space. It also represents many artistic works of famous Czech artists such as Gutfreund and Kupka.
Kampa Island provides Prague with picturesque homes, mills and landscapes. Its interesting history makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists looking for a quiet place to relax.

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