Monaco is a small country located on the Mediterranean Ocean, between South of France and Italy. A constitutional monarchy, Prince Albert II is the head of State. Monaco is known for its tax haven status, which makes the city appealing and exclusive for many of its residents. Home to the distinguished Monte Carlo Casino and famous Grand Prix, Monaco has been considered a playground for the rich and famous.

Monaco is separated into four areas: Monte-Carlo (business and recreation), Monaco-Ville (the old city), the Condamine (port quarter), and Fontvieille (recreation and light industry). With no natural resources to provide income for the country, most of the country’s revenue is derived from tourist activity.

If you’re not into gambling or watching car races, there are plenty of other things to do in Monaco. There is an abundance of sporting activities available in Monaco, such as wind surfing, skiing, sailing, golf, and tennis. For something to do at night, there are bars, pubs, night clubs, in addition to opera, ballet, and theater. There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Monaco, as the city hosts some of the most exclusive boutiques in the world. Everything from fashion to jewelry, Monaco boasts of some of the most prestigious brands such as Hermès, Céline, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel. You can also find some very exclusive and rare antiques in many of the antique shops around the city.

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