Gas Works Park

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Gas Works Park is located in Seattle, WA and it is one of the more frequently visited public parks in the city. The park gets its name due to being located where the old Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant was once found. Currently, the park occupies about 20.5 acres of land.

Location of the Park

The Gas Works Park is located in the vicinity of the north shore of Lake Union and near the south end of a neighborhood named Wallingford. The street address is 2101 N. Northlake Way in Seattle. For those wishing to contact park administration, the phone number of the office is (206) 684-4075.

History of the Park

The history of Gas Works Park dates back many years. The development of the geographic region took place mainly in the middle of the 1800’s when sawmills and canals were built. A great deal of coal was transported through the region as well.

Industrial development would become the main focus of the region. In the very early 1900’s, plans were put into place for the creation of the Seattle Gas Light Company plant. 1900 to 1909 saw the purchasing of a significant amount of land mass to build the actual plant. The plant would eventually be built and it converted oil to gas for many years. Afterwards, the city switched to a reliance on natural gas so there was no need for the plant. However, the huge land mass was perfect to build the Gas Works Park.

In 1962, the City of Seattle would invest a significant amount of money in the purchase of the land. The City of Seattle gained access to all the land in 1975. At this time, the city opened up Gas Works Park to the public.


The park offers quite a number of different features to visitors. For those who have a love for sports, there are several athletic fields for baseball, soccer, football, and more. Various play areas are available for children. There are even walking trails designated for those who wish to walk their dogs. Of course, there are also scores of other trails and hiking paths designed for those who merely wish to get a little exercise or enjoy the outdoors.


For those who have a love for the wonders of the natural world, there are quite a number of other features associated with visiting the local. There is a huge wooded area and a beautiful creek runs through it. There is a conservatory and a garden lush with many amazing plants. The wildlife in the park also adds to its uniqueness. A view has been crafted out of the natural landscape and looking from this view reveals many other segments of the park.


It may be possible to have a wedding, picnic, school meeting, ceremony, or other event at the park. Some events may require permits. Check with park officials to fully determine if one is necessary.

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