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Although popular for its love of coffee, Seattle is not renowned for that alone. With a population of over 602,000, Seattle has been ranked as one of America’s most literate cities. With their rich heritage and culture, Seattle has impressed the world with its museums. Among the most popular sites is the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). The museum is comprised of three facilities throughout Seattle, Washington spanning over 312,000 square feet.

You can see art from all over at Seattle Art Museum. The museum is strong in modern art, but there are also fantastic collections of American and European art that range from ancient Mediterranean works to pieces from Renaissance, medieval, and baroque periods. The museum offers thrilling artistic experiences for people of all ages. Here, guests can enjoy an array of changing exhibitions, lectures, the Museum Store as well as the Museum Restaurant.

The Seattle Asian Art Museum

The museum has a sister museum known as the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Discover the beauty of Asian art at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Nestled in Capitol Hill’s stunning Volunteer Park, this art modern structure houses a collection of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Southeast Asian and Himalayan art. Simply take a free gallery tour and discover the splendor of Asian art and culture. The museum opens its doors free of charge every first Thursday and Saturday of the month.

Olympic Sculpture Park

The museum’s waterfront Olympic Sculpture Park is an industrial site that was turned into a green space. It is definitely worth a visit for people who love art. Dotted with modern art works by renowned artists likes Richard Serra, Mark di Suvero, and Alexander Calder, this park is set against a magnificent backdrop of Puget Sound as well as the Cascade Range with a 2,200 foot pedestrian path leading to the beach. It opens its doors on a daily basis and it is free of charge.

Seattle Asian Art Museum Traveling Exhibit

The Seattle Asian Art Museum hosts a number of traveling exhibits every year and is home to numerous works of art deco as well as post modern art and architecture. One of their many pieces, which always attracts visitors, is Kanye Quaye’s coffin in the shape of a Mercedes Benz. It was added to the collection in 1991. This was during the period that the main collection of the museum was moved to its present location at 100 University Street in December.

The Seattle Art Museum Programs

The Museum is home to many programs designed to benefit visitors. One of the popular attractions here is the film program. They present an array of film series and events all year round. The museum also creates a vibrant and festive ambiance by commissioning live performers representing the music and dances of different cultures from around the globe. The Seattle Art Museum welcomes more than 20,000 students every year with their first-rate educational summer program featuring interactive workshops to help give kids a solid understanding of art and how art relates to their lives.

Attractions for Kids

The Seattle Art Museum has areas that are good for kids. The art ladder has a craft area for children and art installations designed to be visually appealing and interesting for kids of all ages. You can also check out art installations in the lobby as well as a gigantic Joseph Borofsky statue. Inside the museum, there is a quiet play area for kids with a great selection of fantastic toys, costumes, blocks and drums. The shop has a nice collection of toys and books that engage kids with visual arts. The second Saturday of every month is Family Fun Day, with kid-focused performances, tours, and workshops from 10:00 A.M. to noon.

Opening Days

The main part of the The Seattle Art Museum is located in the Downtown Seattle just south of the Space Needle. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and stays open later on Thursdays and Fridays. The museum does charge an admission fee, but visitors can get in free of charge if they visit the last Thursday of the month.

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