La Sainte-Chapelle

La Sainte-Chapelle
Photo by: beggs , Creative Commons

One of the most priceless tourist destinations in France is The Holy Chapel – or otherwise known as La Sainte-Chapelle. It is located right in the heart of Paris. It’s a great place to visit for Catholics and those who appreciate fine architecture. This is a Gothic chapel and is probably one of the finest, if not the highest points of Gothic architecture created during the rayonnante period.

According to history, this is practically one of Louis IX’s greatest achievements. He was able to collect over thirty relics of Christ back in the early 1200s. The chapel has received its share of damage from all the wars and revolutions throughout the years. What you will see standing this day will be much restoration. Experts have strived to restore it to its original glory. Any person who decides to visit this place will be taken in awe. Every single inch of this chapel is a marvelous sight. About two-thirds of the windows are still authentic while the rest have been recreated.

The sights which draw great attention are not limited to the holy place and the relics it holds. Both the lower and the upper chapels are magnificently built. The ceiling is splendid. Built with artistic arches and beams and have been crafted and finished with much elegance. The windows are all made of stained glass. The detail is impeccable. There is the rose window and the sculptures are truly an amazing piece of art you can not miss to notice. And if you happen to be in Chicago, Illinois, you will be able to find a replica of the La Sainte-Chapelle; the St. James Chapelle of Archbishop Quigley Preparatory Seminary.

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  1. Grace Henderson says:

    I am looking to purchase a 5×7 print on acetate of the choir room of la Chapelle in France.

    La Sainte-Chapelle de Paris
    Le Choeur
    Xllle siecle
    printed in Belgium
    by E. Oleffe
    #111 or #120


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    hihihi this really helped

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    The most beautiful windows in the world !

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