Saudi Arabia

Holy mosques, Islam, overseas job opportunities, oil, and gold—these are the things that come to mind when you talk about Saudi Arabia. These are the reasons why hordes of people go to this kingdom in the Middle East. However, besides religion and business, there’s another good reason for visiting Saudi Arabia: its major tourist attractions.

Saudi Arabia used to be impenetrable to people from foreign lands. But now, you don’t have to risk your life and limb just to be able to marvel at the country’s beauty. Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to tourists who want to explore the last great forbidden kingdom in the world. The country has in fact built transportation facilities that enable travelers to move around the city conveniently and quickly at cheap prices.

The most important tourist destination in Saudi Arabia is the Holy City of Mecca, where thousands of Muslims worldwide take a spiritual journey every year. Unfortunately, it is off-limits to non-Muslims. So if you’re not a Muslim, you may consider visiting other places in Saudi Arabia:

• Riyadh – The capital of Saudi Arabia is an epitome of modern living combined with religious influences.
• King’s Fountain – A primary landmark in Jeddah for more than two decades, this fountain was once named as the highest in the world.
• Taif – This resort situated near Mecca is Saudi Arabia’s summer capital. Among the sights that tourists find awesome are the distinct winding roads on the cliff and the pink palaces.
• Al-Balad – Feast your eyes on the ancient buildings, mosques, and houses that stand on this Old Jeddah town.

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