Mount Lycabettus


With numerous islands, scenic beaches, and soaring mountain crests, there is an abounding variety of attractions to explore in Greece; one such spot is Mount Lycabettus. In a city that has an expansive list of fascinating things to see, you can take it all in from this large limestone pike. Towering over 900 feet above sea level, the summit gives a stunning bird’s eye view of the entire Attica basin.

The Climb

For most hikers, a mountain climb involves an ascent utilizing ropes and helmets. If you are a veteran, climbing to the top on foot through the pine trees can be an exhilarating experience. For those who may not have the energy for the climb, the Funicular train runs up and down the mountain and costs £2 each way. The train ride is also exciting as the train passes through some interesting spots on the way up.

The Peak

At the very top of Mount Lycabettus is the famed Horizon Cafe and restaurant, the Saint George church, and a theater. While at the top, you can take some time and explore the small white stucco chapel and learn the rich heritage that is tied to it. Alternatively, the café offers exquisite services and breathtaking views particularly at dawn and twilight. One can also enjoy performances at the outdoor amphitheater.

The Legend

Mount Lycabettus gets its name from the native word “Lykavittos” which means “path of the wolves.” An ancient legend tells of wolves that roamed this mountain as their last sanctuary created by the goddess Athena. The wolves may be long gone, but the mountain still stands proud. The picture-perfect view, the nifty amenities at the cap and the legacy Mount Lycabettus holds make the climb worth your time.

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