Taj Mahal Main Gateway

Main Gateway and entrance to the Taj Mahal
Photo by: inkiboo, Creative Commons

Darwaza-i-Rauza (gate of the mausoleum) – Taj Mahal Main gateway was constructed from the year 1632-1638. The gate is asserted to be designed by the architect named, Ustad Ahmad Lahauri – based on the writings of his son Lutfullah Munhadis.


The 93 foot high and 150 foot wide, double-storey building is constructed from red sand stone. The vertically symmetrical gate way is one of the five main elements of the historical monument Taj Mahal and was the main entrance during its construction. The size and the function of the gateway have gained it more importance than the building. The doorway is of ogival arch shape that reaches the mid-height of the gateway structure.

At the corners of the gate are octagonal shaped towers, surrounded by an open-domed pavilion. There are eleven umbrella shaped marble cupolas over the central portion of the gateway. A big decorated arched chamber lies in the archway of the main gate. It has rooms with twists, branches and side branches to hallways, most probably built to confuse people entering them. These rooms have not been used from about three centuries.


Its beauty is enhanced by the touch of Hindu motifs on it. These motifs were made from stones of semi-precious nature. A red trident on a white teardrop makes the gateway look more beautiful. The sides of the gateway are decorated with inter-weaved red flowers of lotus, vines with leaves.

You would enjoy in true sense, an optical illusion where all the letters of the Quran verses have been done to such a size using Arabic calligraphy, making them look the same size – all over the arch. This feat was possibly achieved by increasing the size of the letters gradually, moving away from the eyes thus making them look the same size.

If you want to carve a life time of memories in your heart visit the Taj Mahal.

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