Malaysia is a combination of a modern world and a developing nation. A country in South East Asia, it is bordered by Indonesia, Thailand, Brunie and Singapore. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur. It has a total landmass of 127,354 sq miles and a population of 28 million. For an adventurous vacation in an exotic location, visit Malaysia to experience a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual society.

Being near the equator, Malaysia has a tropical climate, which means warm weather is in abundance. Temperatures average from between 32°C at noon to about 26°C at midnight. There is a Monsoon season that lasts from November to February every year. The warm weather makes it comfortable to enjoy the many outdoor activities Malaysia offers. These include hiking throughout the many jungles, scuba diving in the ocean, sightseeing the various landmarks or just laying on one of the gorgeous beaches.

The cheapest places to eat in Malaysia are the hawker stalls and coffeeshops that are located throughout the cities. Also popular are the mamak stalls. These are run by Indian Muslims and serve local Indian food like roti canai. Most of the stalls stay open till late and some even operate on shifts, so you can find the same stall offering different food at different times throughout the day. Hygiene standards in Malaysia are generally reasonable. To be safe, just be observant and if a stall is frequented by locals, it should be safe to eat there. Seafood restaurants are also a popular dining option, but are more expensive. Two popular menu items would be the Chinese-style steamed fish or crab served with sticky chilli sauce. For air conditioned comfort, visit the food courts in the shopping malls which offer local delicacies for a slightly higher fee.

Malaysia with all of the exotic sites and cultures to experience can offer any traveler an adventure of a lifetime.

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