Beurs van Berlage

Exterior of Beurs van Berlage
Photo by: Mtcv Creative Commons

Beurs van Berlage is beautiful red, brick building that is located in the center of Amsterdam right near the Amstel river. It was originally built for Amersterdam’s Stock Exchange, and also for commodity trading. Today, it is used for exhibitions, conferences, and concerts. The building was built from 1896 to 1903, and was designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage. By 1912, most of the stock traders had relocated to another building.

The Design and Style

After it was completed, the building generated a considerable amount of controversy over its design. The architect’s goal was to not only alter the designs of the past, but also to emphasize wide open interiors. This brick building resembles other earlier buildings, such as St. Pancras station. In keeping with its nineteenth-century origins, it has many basic civic structural designs. The building also features many symbolic illustrations and historical figures.

The building’s roof was constructed with iron and double glass panes. This structure also contained many lintels, stone piers, and corbels. It has a great amount of natural light inside of it because of the glass roof. The entrance of the building is under a clock tower that is 131 feet high.

The interior of the building has three multi-story halls that are very large as they were once used as the Stock Exchange’s trading floors. There are also public facilities and various offices that surround the halls. Over eighty percent of the building still has its original architecture, which makes it a very good example of modern Dutch architectural design.

Modern Use of the Building

The Beurs van Berlage is open to the general public, including the tower. The building has a museum and the Beurs van Berlage Café, which is very popular with tourists. The cafe is also available for private parties, dinners, and receptions. In February of 2002, the Crown prince of the Netherlands was married in a civil ceremony at this historical building.

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