De Gooyer Windmill

The De Gooyer Windmill is extremely old, as it was built back in 1725, later it was relocated to its current spot in 1814. The windmill is located in Amsterdam, and can be reached via car, public transportation or walking. It was originally built to serve as a flour mill, but as of today it no longer is serves that purpose. The De Gooyer Windmill is only one of only eight windmills still standing in Amsterdam.

Visiting The Windmill

It is worth mentioning that if you want to visit the windmill, then you will not be able to go inside of it. This is because it is not opened up to the public. Although the windmill is not opened up to the public, due to it being turned into a private residence, one can still view its amazing structure from outside. You can marvel at the exterior of the windmill, and take in the surrounding attractions. There is a little restaurant located right at the bottom of the windmill, and many tourists choose to visit it after they are finished viewing the exterior of the windmill. If a person is planning on eating at the restaurant, then they will want to get there as early as possible, because the windmill is still a very popular tourist attraction and many tourists tend to flock to the restaurant.

If you plan on visiting Amsterdam, then you should certainly see the De Gooyer Windmill, as it is one of the most fascinating structures in all of Amsterdam. It has gone through quite a few different restorations throughout the years, but it is still quite something to look at. Prepare to spend at least 20 minutes at the attraction, but as mentioned earlier, if planning on eating at the restaurant, make sure to get there early.

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