Magere Brug

The Magere Brug, or the “Skinny Bridge” as it is called in English, spans over the Amstel River in Amsterdam, Netherlands. There was an old tale about the bridge which claims that two sisters, called the Magere sisters, lived across the river from one another. They were very wealthy and had the bridge built in order to be able to visit each other. However, some folks say that the bridge got its name because it was particularly narrow. Now, after being rebuilt, the bridge is a lot wider and allows travelers to walk through with ease.


The bridge was reconstructed back in 1871 because of the bad state that it was in. It has been speculated to have been around since the 17th Century, originally made out of wood. The wooden bridge was demolished in order to make a wider and more stable bridge. Fifty years later, the bridge had to be remade again. This time, the original design was kept, but the bridge was constructed out of steel. The latest major renovation was done in 1969. During this time, the bridge still had to be opened by hand, but now it is automated in order to let larger boats pass through on the Amstel.

The Bridge Today

The bridge is very small, and only allows for pedestrians to cross. As of 2003, cyclists were allowed to utilize the bridge. As this bridge is very low, only small boats can pass under it when it is closed. However, the Magere Brug is opened up during certain times of the day in order to allow river traffic to pass by. It is a well known bridge in Amsterdam and it has been spotted in several popular films. It can be seen in the background of a popular James Bond film, Diamonds are Forever, which was released in 1971.

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