Inside the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a very historic mausoleum in India inspired through the symbol of love which has been admired over the years.

Scenic Architecture

The Taj Mahal has been considered as the epitome of Mughal Architecture since it is the combination of Persian, Turkish and Indian inspired architecture which has its own flourished design that captivates millions of people around the world.

The tomb is the main attraction of the structure which is made up of white marble pieces on a square plinth. The calligraphic inscription of the casket makes it more interesting which identifies the name of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan.

The Interior

Flowers marble within the Taj Mahal
interior walls
Photo by: dms_303, Creative Commons

Apart from its external design, the interior design inside the Taj Mahal tells its own story to the world. The details are very intricately done which is quite fascinating that makes it more exquisite and wonderful. The fa├žade that would lead to you to those sophisticated chambers is indescribable. The jail or octagonal the marble screen is made from eight panels are carved unbelievably without missing any single detail of it that borders the cenotaph respectively.

Other Details

The Ninety Nine Names of god found in the calligraphic inscription on the actual tomb is found on the side, this serves merely as decorations. Also, the pen box and writing tablet were funerary icons which highlight the whole thing of the mausoleum though Muslim tradition forbids highly detailed decoration of graves.

There is much to say about inside the Taj Mahal, but one of the greatest stories one could ever tell about this admirable structure, is the experience of seeing it real. Come and see Taj Mahal, exploring them may inspire you that love can do an immeasurable thing. What makes it the most wonderful architecture of all time, it is because it is made up of love.

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  1. Refhan says:

    The Existence of Taj mahal Revolves On the death bed when Mumtaz mahal asked for 4 promises from the emperor Shah Jahan. The 1st promise was that Shah Jahan should erect a monument dedicated to their love. The 2nd promise was that he would marry again. The 3rd promise was he would be kind to their children. The 4th and final promise was that her husband would visit the tomb on her death anniversary.

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