Known as the Sultanate of Oman in law and among its people, the country of Oman is an Arab land that is located southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The coast is also formed by the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman, and Madha and Musandam, two exclaves of the United Arab Emirates. Oman’s capital is Muscat, and the country is headed by a sultan, which is why its governmental buildings alone are popular attractions for tourists. These are the Sultan’s Al Alam Palace in Muscat, and the Sultan’s Palace Buildings in Zanzibar which was once Oman’s capital and residence to the sultans.

Desert plains cover a vast part of Oman, and it’s surrounded by great mountain ranges. But at the coast of Sur, Oman boasts of pristine blue waters and very awe-inspiring scenery. Oman also has many oilfields as it is one of the world’s chief oil exporters. Other than oil, Oman’s GDP is propelled by minerals such as chromites, dolomite, zinc, copper, gold, gypsum, silicone, cobalt, limestone and iron.

Oman’s most popular tourist attractions include deserts, beaches, mountains, and wadis, the dry riverbeds that look like valleys and only contain water during the rainy season. Oman’s very long coastline contains some of the best beaches among its neighboring countries. There are numerous beach resorts. The Al-Bustan Palace Hotel is what they would call a heavenly beach resort. It has gigantic pools, a very nice beach and some of the best accommodations Oman could ever provide.

Oman also serves great Arabian cuisine such as the shuwa, meat cooked in an underground clay oven for one to two days, marinated with many spices and herbs; and also the mashuai, a meal that includes kingfish and scrumptious lemon rice.

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