Evidence of a rich historical past is everywhere to see in Montreal. A cultural and architectural wonder for over three centuries, Montreal is Canada’s second largest, but the most cosmopolitan city. It is in Quebec province, and has a large population of French-speakers after Paris. French influence is evident throughout the city. Life is indeed a celebration in Montreal with year-round festivals rejoicing over one or the other aspect of this great city.

For tourists, this city is a treasure mine. With plenty of avenues and more, the tourists are sucked into this whirlwind of places to visit and things to do in this city. You can start your incredible journey of this city by going back in time.

Old Montreal is dotted with historical buildings from the 17-19th century. Simply walk through these buildings and you will feel you have been transported into a different era. At night, you will find most of these buildings lit up beautifully, making the entire scene extremely compelling. Capture these beautiful moments in your camera for posterity.

Montreal is known to leave its visitors speechless with benign atmosphere. Therefore, a place such as the L’Oratoire St.-Joseph du Mont-Royal will only heighten that sentiment. It is built on the site of a chapel that once stood deep inside the woods. A holy place, it is revered by all the residents of Montreal.

Apart from the mass and the choir recitals, it is not uncommon here to see pilgrims coming to pray on their knees. While you are here, you can see the heart of Brother Andre on display here. Brother Andre was the founder of the chapel.

If you want more insight into the history of Montreal, a trip to the Pointe-à-Callière Museum will be a good idea. Permanent displays and rotating exhibits in this Museum tell the story of Montreal’s past – right from the treasures found from excavations in this city to Montreal’s first settlers. Come out of the city’s archaeological past and visit the marvels of the 21st century here.

Visit Downtown Montreal. You can view of the city’s skyline, various churches and museums, as well as educational centers such as the McGill University by walking along this area. If shopping is on your mind, then you should head for Le Plateau. A combination of beautiful residential areas and uber-sophisticated shops make up this area.

Visitors who are looking for a bit of adventure along with some sightseeing need not get disappointed. There are several bike paths in the city that provide a scenic view of the city.

If you happen to visit the city in winter, you can enjoy skiing and ice-skating all over the city. In fact, the year-round skating at Metro Bonaventure makes sure that summer tourists do not miss out on the fun!

Montreal Famous Landmarks

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