Prague City, Czech Republic
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Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. The largest city in its country, it boasts of a long history, which is linked intrinsically to the history of Europe. The city has brilliant architecture, visible almost everywhere – from beautiful bridges to stunning buildings.

The most important tourist destination in the city of Prague is the Prague Castle, largest ancient castle in the world. It is even registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. From here, you can sample some of the most spectacular sights in the capital city. Inside the castle, tourists can visit several palaces and museums, as well as the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is nearby. You can stroll in the Royal Garden and watch the Changing of Guards ceremony.

The Charles Bridge of Prague is an architectural treat in itself. Built over the River Vltava, this bridge is approximately 600 years old. It is built in the Gothic style, and is lined with baroque statues of 30 religious figures. For more information into the history of Prague, perhaps a visit to the Stare mesto or the Old Town will be the best. This part of the city is steeped in history, with Tyn Church, made in pure Gothic style or the Orloj, the astronomical clock. This section of the city also houses the Estate Theatre which first staged Mozart’s opera titled Don Giovanni.

Josefov is known for being the Jewish part of the city. It is renowned for preserving various synagogues, all unique in nature. It is also home to the oldest synagogue in Europe, called the Staronova syngoga.

At the Kafka Museum in the city that holds a permanent exhibition in his house, lovers of Kafka can familiarize themselves with him. You can avail of several passes that offer guided tours to this enigmatic city. If you want to go souvenir-shopping in the city before you leave, beware. Shopkeepers here try to pass a lot of goods made in Russia as Prague memorabilia.

Prague Famous Landmarks

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