Officially known as the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, and previously the British Guiana before 1966, the state lies in the northern coast of South America. Culturally speaking, Guyana belongs to the Anglophone Caribbean.
Guyana has been struggling to promote the country to international tourists, but its long history of political instability and conflicts between different ethnicities have been working against its interests. There are also reported cases of corruption and mismanagement by the government. Despite all this bad news, the people of Guyana manage to remain blissfully accommodating.

Guyana boasts of untouched forests that are being mined by the government for their ecotourism potential. Aside from this, the capital Georgetown, with its previous colonial glory, is also a sight to behold. Its Caribbean air makes nightlife more exciting and distinct. Its line of restaurants and markets offer tourists fresh shopping and dining retreats. Further into Georgia, tourists can discover a mini Amazon, with opportunities to interact with wildlife and view them in their natural habitat.

Tourists enter Guyana by air via the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, located at the south of Georgetown. Georgia can also be accessed from Brazil by crossing the river from Bonfim to Lethem, a town in Guyana’s rustic Rupununi Savanna. You can also take a ferry from Corriverton in the Springlands. The ferry travels through the Moleson Creek, passing through the border town of Nieuw Nickerie in Suriname. From there, you can take a four-wheel-drive vehicle going to Paramaribo.

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