Universal CityWalk

Photo by: Larry D. Moore, CC

The Universal CityWalk was one of the Los Angeles’ first “faux streets,” or some people prefer to call it a lifestyle center. Located adjacent to the theme parks of Universal Parks and Resorts, Universal CityWalk offers a terrific experience for all age groups. It is a complete destination featuring theme parks, themed on-site hotels and a nighttime entertainment complex. You will not ever run out of the things to do in this entertainment hub.

Also known as the “Entertainment Capitol of Hollywood,” the Universal CityWalk is an ideal destination for a night out with family or friends, or a romantic evening with someone special. The concept of CityWalk in Los Angeles combines the previously isolated theatre complex with themed parks, thereby encouraging the foot traffic between the two attractions. Unlike traditional enclosed malls, CityWalk gives an open air feel with numerous restaurants and entertainment related businesses bubbling in the ambience of fun.


Universal CityWalk is more than just a shopping mall. It is a virtual neighborhood that includes glitz, glamor and excitement of actual urban living. CityWalk includes entertainment, dining and shopping experience in the same premises. Whether you want to grab a quick snack, or mingle with friends over drinks or catch the latest movie – you can get it all in one place. World-class cuisine, international brands and great entertainment venues are some of the best features of Universal CityWalk. The latest addition to the CityWalk is the 5 Towers, which is an interactive outdoor concert venue.

Although several outdoor malls have come up with the same concept, Universal CityWalk is unique. Today the main emphasis of CityWalk is on fun and entertainment, and that sets it apart from the later developments, which are more like traditional shopping malls.

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