Consisting of 138 islands, even though locals call Bermuda “the Island,” Bermuda is located off the east coast of the United States. Part of Great Britain, Bermuda is the last remains of their North American Empire. A tropical island with a temperate climate, Bermuda has many of the popular characteristics of other tropical islands, like white sandy beaches, blue ocean water, and many natural wonders that can be explored upon visiting this country. A unique feature of Bermuda is the pink colored sand found on various parts of the islands. This is from the crushed coral and shells mixing with the sand giving it this pink hue.

The best time to visit Bermuda is between March and May. This is when the weather is consistently nice and outdoor activities are best enjoyed. There are many things to do in Bermuda. Many of the popular activities are done outdoors, like sight seeing, snorkeling, fishing, and golfing. There is also plenty of shopping because many of Britain’s more popular shopping outlets have stores in Bermuda.

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