Chora Church


Chora Church is a museum that is located in the Edirnekapi neighborhood of Istanbul. Tourists from all around the world come to see Chora Church because it is often regarded as one of the finest Byzantine churches in the world.


When the church was first built, it was part of a monastery complex that was located just outside of Constantinople’s walls. The original church was built around the start of the 5th century. Eventually Theodosius II built his land walls back in the year of 413. When this happened the church became part of the city’s defenses.

The church suffered some major damage back in the 12th century, and some of it collapsed. The church was rebuilt, but it was not until after three phases that it was completed two centuries later. Since then the building has not gone under any major renovations.

The Church’s Interior

Tourists who visit Chora Church will notice that it is not as big as many of the other Byzantine churches in the area. However, once you enter the Church, you will notice that what it lacks in size it makes up for in design. It is unique and breathtaking. The inside of the church is made up of three areas: the entrance hall, the main church and the side chapel. Altogether there are six domes. Tourists will want to make sure that they have their cameras on hand in order to snap some photos of the interior.


Visitors will want to see the Exonarthex part of the church, as this is where there are a lot of Mosaics. Guests can see Mosaics depicting Joseph’s dream and his journey, the Nativity, the Flight into Egypt, Enrollment for Taxation and the Mother mourning for her children. These are just a few of the Mosaics that can be found here.

When To Visit

If you plan on visiting Chora Church in the summer, then you will be able see it between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM. However, the last admission is at 6PM. The summer hours go into effect in April. The winter hours go into effect in October. In the winter you can visit between 9 AM and 5 PM. It is open every day of the week except for Wednesday.

There are plenty of places to park around the site, so guests can drive their vehicles there. You can also take a taxi or other forms of transportation.

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