Golden Horn

The Golden Horn is an inlet that divides the city of Istanbul. The Golden Horn has played an important role for thousands and thousands of years. This is because it forms a natural harbor. For thousands of years Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Byzantine ships sought out shelter at the Golden Horn. As one can imagine, there is a lot of history that surrounds this inlet. The Golden Horn is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in Turkey as there are a lot of things to do and see along the Golden Horn.

Ways To Cross The Horn

The Galata Bridge is pedestrian bridge that tourists use when they want to cross the Golden Horn. This is an old bridge that was built back in 1912. Crossing the bridge will allow tourists to get some great views of the water. On both sides of the water there are docks where ferries can be found. Ferries are great to use to get across the Golden Horn when the Galata Bridge is closed. The bridge usually closes when parts of it are removed in order to provide water circulation.

The Town Of Balat

The town of Balat lies right along the Golden Horn. Shortly after the Spanish expulsion the first Jews who were settled in Istanbul were housed in. Today, Balat is a neighborhood made up of mostly people who are middle class. However, there are still a lot of synagogues located here. Some of the oldest Jewish houses still can be found in this town.

Things to Do and Places to Stay

After a day of sightseeing there are many great restaurants you can find on either side of the water to eat at. There are not a lot of places to stay; however, there are a few hotels. There are also a few parks that are located right along the shores of the Golden Horn and these parks offer a little bit of something for everyone.

Other Information

It does not cost any money to visit the Golden Horn and you can visit on any day of the week at any time. People who are interested in seeing the Horn should do so on their next trip to Turkey, as it is a beautiful location that is well worth your time.

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