Turkuazoo, is Turkey’s first aquarium and it opened October of 2009. Visitors will find it at Europe’s biggest shopping mall which is the Forum Istanbul Bayrampasa. This giant aquarium attraction is more than eight square miles. It even has its very own rain forest and tropical seas zones. Adults and children will have fun visiting this large aquarium.

Features of the Aquarium

It has nearly ten thousand resident sea creatures which include the large tiger sharks, groupers, giant stingrays, piranhas and octopus that are displayed in twenty-nine different exhibitions. The largest tank has five million liters of sea water. Guests are able to see the creatures through the thick glass, and braver visitors can actually get the chance to swim with a few of them.

Underwater Tunnel

The underwater safari tunnel has a moving walkway that is eight meters long. This tunnel offers guest a panoramic view of the marine life and a very stunning view that is very similar to walking on ocean’s floor. Presentations and discussions occur every hour and guests can watch the fish and sharks get fed by aquarium’s divers. There are more than forty exhibits for guests to enjoy. One activity children will like is the “Sleepover with the Sharks” event. They get to walk through the underwater tunnel with torches, have dinner and tour the aquarium.

Role of this Attraction

Turkuazoo plays an important role in the area’s economical conditions because it has created many jobs. Also, large numbers of people visit the aquarium every year. It employs about fifty employees which includes aquaculture engineers, visitor guides, biologists, divers, and a highly skilled management team. Turkuazoo is a wonderful vibrant and interactive entertainment area that has been designed for the entire family. It also has venues for meetings, conventions, product launches, weddings and team building activities. Turkuazoo offers fun and excitement for all members of the family regardless of their age.

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