Ortaköy Mosque


The Ortaköy Mosque is right on the Ortaköy pier square which is part of the Besiktas District in Istanbul. It was built in the nineteenth century, and today, it still looks quite magnificent. It is a very popular tourist destination on the Bosphorus, which is also called the Istanbul Strait.


The mosque was commissioned by Abdulmecid, an Ottoman Empire ruler. In 1853, the mosque was built by Nigogos Balyan. During the nineteenth century the mosque gained much importance in the European area of the city. This mosque is called the “Great Mecidiye Mosque.” It is one of the best examples of Baroque architectural design in Istanbul. The current Ortaköy Mosque, actually replaced a smaller one that had been destroyed by fire.

In 1894, an earthquake caused considerable damage to the forty year old mosque. In 1960, the mosque was in danger of collapsing. It had many ground reinforcement and other work done to it to make sure the structure was very stable. In the mid 1980’s, the mosque was totally restored so it could once again have its wonderful appearance.

Ortaköy Mosque Design

The mosque is made up of a Harim as well as the Hunkar Kasri (which means a sultan’s summer palace). Its Harim section consists of a main square-shaped chamber that has a length of 40 feet. The middle chamber actually passes right through the Harim’s main chamber. The Harim’s ceiling area has a dome construction and it is covered with many pink mosaics. The dome was positioned on the structure’s main wall.

Additionally, this mosque features two minarets, each having a single sherefe, also known as a minaret balcony. The mosque’s niche consists of white marble and beautiful mosaics. The pulpit has marble craftsmanship that has been covered with porphyry. There also is a two-story house that has elliptical stairs which are located at its northern entrance, and it is called the Hunkar Kasri.

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