Desert Safari

Photo by: Stevage, CC

Desert safari is a very popular first-class attraction for people visiting Dubai. It is very pleasant and interesting to see the sands in the desert glowing and shining when hit by the sunshine. One fun activity while on a Desert Safari is dune bashing. This is an adventurous part of your safari where your jeep speeds up and down the low and high golden sand dunes.

Welcoming Visitors

Tour operators in Dubai act as guides to visitors making the safari interesting. They have a fleet of 4×4 Land Cruisers operating in the desert in a safe, professional and licensed environment. They make the tours delightful by welcoming visitors warmly and helping them to book desert ranger guides. The aim is to provide a quality service at affordable price.

The Evening Desert Safari

This tour departs in the afternoon with several photo-stops. There is also a stop at a camel farm. At a campsite, visitors get a chance to take a camel ride, get a temporary henna tattoo design and try sand boarding. Visitors also get to enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner. This package has no minimum number of people required; so even one person can do it by themselves. However, having a group of 6 people is better, as you will get a one complete car and you will not have to share it with other guests. The cars have no special seats for babies during dune bashing. Therefore, it is not recommended for children under three years old. Very elderly and pregnant women are also not advised to take the trip.


Drivers are licensed, professional and trained in first aid. The cars are fitted with seat belts and roll cage to protect visitors from being injured in case of a roll over. It is vital for one to take a camera when going for the safari as it is awesome and breathtaking.

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