Dubai Marina


Dubai is among the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is renowned for its world class architecture that sets it apart from the rest of the emirates. Dubai offers its dwellers the invigorating cosmopolitan lifestyle of an urban city combined with the free-spirited bohemia of the marina. It is a place where people come together to enjoy life.

Dubai Marina, one of the largest and most scrupulously man-made marinas in the world, has attracted visitors from the world over. This place is located on Interchange 5 and is nestled between the Dubai Internet City and Jebel Ali port, the American University of Dubai and Dubai Media City. A number of shopping avenues, a variety of entertainment options and a plethora of world class restaurants entice visitors and the locals to spend more here.

Visitors can enjoy many different things here. The exclusivity as well as the rewards of waterfront living are awaiting you at the Dubai Marina. One of the world’s largest waterfront developments, this place is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a marina life without sacrificing the liveliness of the chic, urban lifestyle. A spectacular view across the marina, calming sea breezes and a lively environment are all present for visitors.

Dining at Dubai Marina

There are a number of world class restaurants here. These restaurants are popular amongst the locals, the expats, and tourists. There is a variety of foods available which encompasses French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Mexican, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and traditional Arabic cuisine, to name a few. From their architecture and immaculate services that they offer to the quality of food and superb atmosphere, everything about these eateries is very enjoyable.

Shopping at Dubai Marina

Other than top notch restaurants, Dubai Marina is also renowned for its world class shopping malls. Visit Dubai Marina mall and buy something to take back home. With an eclectic blend of 160 stores, the mall is well-catered to the lively lifestyle of the marina community. The stores’ architecture alone make it a worth viewing and visiting this spot in Dubai. This mall makes good use of its waterfront location with an expansive esplanade and distinctive circular atrium which offers an amazing view of the Dubai Marina. Shopping alternatives range from daily goods and services, to fashion wear, and accessories.

Visit the Walk

The Walk at JBR is the beachfront promenade that hosts a plethora of shops, cafes restaurants, and bars. There are 305 outlets in total, including 69 eateries. Nestled in the heart of Dubai Marina, this is a popular venue for the locals and the visitors alike. There is a huge variety of food, with eateries including Coco’s, Paul’s, Zaatar w Zeit, Le Pain Quotidien, Ruby Tuesdays, Butcher Shop & Grill, and Napoletana. Keep in mind that restaurants do not sell alcohol here but some hotels along The Walk do have bars.


For movie lovers, Reel Cinemas features the latest hits. Situated in Dubai Marina Mall, Reel Cinemas makes for the movie-going experience like what you have never experienced before. This theater is the first boutique cinema in the United Arab Emirates and provides an amazing luxurious experience. This cinema features 6 Premier theaters equipped with well designed twin recliner seats offering you enough room to stretch out your legs. Also, blankets and soft pillows are available. Moreover, you will not even need to rise from your seat to get popcorn as it will be delivered to you.

There is no shortage of leisure and recreation activities in Dubai Marina. Visitors can spend a very comfy, busy and a exciting holiday over here because of a plethora of fun filled activities that control the lifestyle of this place. With lots of things to see and do here, no one can explore everything in one trip.

Dubai Famous Landmarks

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