Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is a recreation of the original Grand Mosque which was constructed in 1900. It was first built to serve as a school that was devoted to teaching young Muslims the Quran. It is popular for its size and elaborate design. The original Grand Mosque was demolished and rebuilt in the traditional Islamic architectural style. It is located in the City’s Bur Dubai section and is Dubai’s tallest minaret. Many Muslims come to pray in the mosque when the muezzin calls the people to prayer. The mosque is said to house around 1,200 worshippers in total. It is an important center for religion, history and culture.

A Tourist Center

Many tourists come to visit the mosque, however, non-Muslims are not allowed inside. People are also advised to dress conservatively while around the mosque. It is acceptable for people to take pictures of the mosque. The structure is definitely an ancient beauty. The history of the Persians and their art make it a spectacle. You will notice the craftsmanship and elaborate design of the Persians through the handmade stained glasses, wooden shutters, sand hued façade and inspiring sky-blue mosaics that decorate the mosque. It is said that the best time to visit the mosque is at night. The beautiful mosque lights up in the moonlight and the spectacle is amazing to see. Many tourists report that it is a good place to just relax and meditate on their life.

The Surroundings

The mosque has contributed immensely onto the growth of the neighboring towns and villages. Surrounding the mosque are small business where touristic can find some food and a place to rest. The area surrounding the mosque is also rich in culture and also contributes to the beauty of the Grand Mosque.

Dubai Famous Landmarks

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