Dubai cityscape during sunset

One city in the world that has undergone an extraordinary transformation in recent decades is Dubai. It is located in United Arab Emirates and is becoming a very famous tourist spot. The city offers an atypical amalgamation of vacation spots, trade, luxury, leisure, and commercialization. From its shopping malls to skyscrapers and serene beaches to aquamarine life, everything gives off a fresh feel in Dubai.

The desert safari in Dubai is fun and entertaining and should never be missed by someone visiting the city. The only seven star hotel in the whole world, the Burj Al Arab, is situated in Dubai. Another prominent but unique feature in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah isle that consists of resorts that are off-coast. Along with innovation in tourist spots, the city also offers excellent connectivity through the airport located in the central part of Dubai. The Dubai International airport sells duty free products to its customers, which makes it a wonderful place for shopping. These features make Dubai as one of the excellent tourist destination that is not only unique but also adventurous.

Dubai Famous Landmarks

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