Despite its tenacious and rebellious nature, Lithunia remains to be a very good place to visit due mainly to its vibrant and colorful history, making it Europe’s best kept secret. Lithunia, though very small, managed to win its independence from the mighty Soviet Union, stunning the world with its fighting spirit. What makes their fight even more surprising is that the Lithuania was the very first state occupied by Soviet that broke free from it exactly a decade ago in 1990.

Lithuania once boasted of an empire that is quite huge, stretching from the Black Sea to the Baltic. It is the largest of the only three Baltic States and also the most populous. The landscape in this state is generally flat with some hills in the surrounding highlands. It has over 2800 lakes and 758 rivers. Thirty percent of it is made of forests and woods. The people in this place are quite devoted to the preservation of nature as well to recreational activities.

It will be a delight to visit the tiny Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, due to its picturesque sceneries along the river banks of Vilnia and Neris. The old areas of the city still contain structures with architecture that are considered to be the finest in Eastern Europe. The Vilnius University, with its renaissance style of construction and plenty of inner courtyards is already a great spot, looking like a city within a city. Along with this are other treasures such as its lakes, forests, its Hill of Crosses, its Soviet sculpture park and many other worthwhile places to visit.

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